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Setting Career and Personal Financial Goals

Your career path and personal financial goals work together to help you achieve the top dreams and goals for your life. In fact, the career path you choose sets up the possibilities for financial success you’ll experience throughout your life. You need to better understand the connection and the reasons why you should think of the two as issues you need to work on together, ensuring you achieve the success you desire for both. You also need to learn how to plan personal financial goals such as […]

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Do You Feel Worthy of Being Paid for Advice?

Low self-worth is a problem that most of us have to deal with at some point in our lives. For others, it can be a nagging problem that affects your entire life. It can keep you from achieving important goals and becoming all that you can be. The results are that you’ll be decidedly unhappy with your life. There are several things to keep in mind and constantly work on if you don’t feel worthy of being paid for your work. You may feel that you’re not […]

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Do You Feel Guilty About Success?

One of the worst things we can tell ourselves about accomplishments and success is that we don’t deserve it – and then feel guilty about it. These feelings may have been plaguing you since childhood and kept you from the success you’re very capable of. Rather than celebrating and touting your success, you may feel unworthy or afraid that you’ll come across as bragging. But when you’re an entrepreneur and in the business of helping others, your accomplishments should be touted. If your potential customers don’t see […]

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